Portland band Just Lions played this set in May, opening for Modern Kin at Mississippi Studios. It was the first edition of our new series, opbmusic Stagepass, produced with help from PBS Digital, to profile Portland and NW bands. Just Lions is brothers Chandler and Brady Strutz, and drummer Andrew Shepherd. They’ve released a string of power pop EPs, including the brand new “Great. OK.” (You can stream it here.)

Get more details about Stagepass, including all the videos in the series, and tickets and concert info, here. The next concert is Saturday 7/12/14 at 7pm at Mississippi Studios.

Stagepass is produced by:

Audio mix Steven Kray | interview recording Graham Nystrom
Director Matthew Thomas Ross | Editing Nate Sjol and Matthew Thomas Ross
Videographers Jarratt Taylor, Ben Trimbo, and Gary McLeod
Lighting Brysen Uhalde
Executive Producer David Christensen