Portland band Mimicking Birds first caught our attention in 2009, when we heard the band’s whisper-soft debut release. Songwriter and frontman Nate Lacy sang with a hushed voice, in an ethereal sonic space of fingerstyle guitar, surging rhythms and effects. Songs had unexpected structures, sometimes an ambiguity of feeling that could sound like wonder or despair, and melodies would crease and fold back on themselves into a last quieting chorus. We were mesmerized, and we weren’t the only ones. Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock called up the band and signed them to his label, Glacial Pace, and took the band on tour as a seemingly unlikely opener.  As Lacy tells it, the band went from barely playing out at all, to playing to festival-sized crowds with no in-between.

This year, Mimicking Birds released their fine second album, Eons, full of intricate and involving songs, and deeper currents of electric guitar and percussion. Songs from the record were fixtures on opbmusic’s playlist for much of the spring and summer. We were thrilled to welcome the band to Stagepass for this gorgeous performance. Watch songs “Memorabilia,” “Bloodlines,” and “The Loop,” and an interview with Lacy about the band’s growth, songwriting, and the story behind the album’s cover art.

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Audio Recording and Mixes: Steven Kray
Interview Recording: Bill Ward
Director: Matthew Thomas Ross
Editors: Nate Sjol, Matthew Thomas Ross
Videographers: Matthew Thomas Ross, Nate Sjol, Gary McLeod, Hannah Andrews, Harrisen Howes
Lighting: Matthew Rosvold
Production Design: Hannah Andrews
Executive Producer: David Christensen