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Eugenics — In The Shadow Of Fairview

Over a period of 60 years, the state forcibly sterilized over 2,6000 Oregonians. From 1923 to 1983, Oregon law allowed for compulsory sterilization of those deemed unfit for reproduction. It was part of a broader eugenics movement to remove “undesirable” individuals from the gene pool.

The institution — In The Shadow Of Fairview

For nearly 100 years, Fairview was Oregon's primary institution for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Twenty years ago, the last resident left as the center closed amid lawsuits and investigations.

People First — In The Shadow Of Fairview

More than 40 years ago, a small group of Oregon teenagers with developmental disabilities helped launch a global self-advocacy movement. Residents of a state-run institution started holding regular meetings to support each other. Together they formed the organization People First.

Coming home — In The Shadow Of Fairview

The cremated remains of more than 3,500 Oregonians
sit unclaimed in the state’s custody. They are the forgotten and abandoned residents of Oregon’s state institutions. But now, some are finally making it home.

Arlita Rhoan prepares to boil her tap water in Warm Springs on March 28, 2019. The reservation has issued more than a dozen boil notices in the last year alone.

Warm Springs Water Crisis | Ableism & Police | Bar Exam

There's a new water crisis on the Warm Springs Reservation. Black people with disabilities are especially at risk of police violence. And the Oregon Supreme Court is waiving the Bar exam requirement for 2020 law school graduates.

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Move to Include is sponsored locally by Relay Resources

a nonprofit that cultivates meaningful work for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. They offer a variety of services to their customers including janitorial, landscaping, document services, and supply chain solutions. Relay also owns and manages more than 800 units of affordable housing.

About Move to Include

Move to Include is dedicated to topics including education, healthcare, housing, recreation, employment and local efforts to support inclusion – through television, radio, news, special events, and social media. The initiative works to inspire and motivate people to embrace different abilities and include all people in all aspects of community life.