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Northwest student Linn Jaster McCormick holds a book that's meaningful to them: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A close up from above of two hands holding a book against an orange background. The title is in bold, green and white block lettering, set against a starry sky with a small spaceship beaming a light towards a shadowy orange planet in the background.

Northwest students join efforts to keep books and libraries accessible to young people

Reflecting a national trend, communities in the Northwest are seeing a wave of proposed bans or limits on books in schools or local libraries. Two students in the region share their perspectives on the importance of literary access, libraries as community spaces for everyone, and more.

Short stories for dissolution of society

Two new collections of short stories tell stories about people living on the edge of a society that is failing them. George Saunders’ “Liberation Day” is filled with wry humor, even as his characters are often trapped by their own foolishness. The characters in Jess Walter’s collection, “The Angel of Rome,” are often filled with humor and hope, even as they struggle against poverty and indifference. OPB’s Geoff Norcross talks to Saunders and Walter about the art of writing short stories about our time.

Graphic novel tackles life on the Canadian oil sands

Kate Beaton’s newest book is a deeply personal graphic memoir called “Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands" about the time she spent working in the oil industry in Alberta, Canada in the mid-2000s. The book is a brutally honest exploration of class, migration, misogyny, and the culture of her homeland: the island of Cape Breton, in the Atlantic province of Nova Scotia.

Former firefighter, a trans woman, reflects on adventurous and challenging career

For Bobbie Scopa, firefighting was a 45-year career filled with danger and stress. But a major stressor for Scopa for part of that career was living life as a man …while privately identifying as a woman. That struggle is told in her new book, “Both Sides of the Fire Line: Memoir of a Transgender Firefighter.”