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Inside OHSU’s fight to save the region’s sickest COVID-19 patients

In room after room at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital's COVID-19 intensive care unit, patients are sedated and on life support, many of them much younger than the people sickened by the coronavirus’ earlier waves. As they tend to patients, the nurses, doctors and support staff on duty report feeling the strain.

An electronic microscope image shows a yellow round object in the center of the frame, surrounded by much smaller blue objects.

How Oregon scientists found a new COVID-19 variant — and how we can stop it

Scientist have discovered just one case of the unusual COVID-19 variant of concern in Oregon, and don't yet know the implications of it. But it’s part of a global story of viral evolution — and our response to it — that could determine if we eradicate COVID-19 for good, or will it be something, like the flu, we live with, and die from, every year.