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Road crew with shovels stand on foster road after clearing snow off street during 1916 winter snowfall, Foster Road in SE Portland, Jan. 21. 1916.

Bridgetown Snow: A Photographic History

Over the years, Portland has seen some extraordinary weather. And sometimes those moments were captured forever — on film. Look back at some great images of Bridge City's historical weather events.


20 Years Later: Hypothermia Is Still Hypothermia

About 400 times a year, search and rescue teams are deployed in Oregon. Most folks who get into trouble get lost in the snow, where the number one danger is death from hypothermia.

The Tioga Dam was burned down in 1957 as the state barred splash dams to restore access for fish to their spawning grounds.

How Oregon Rivers Carried Millions Of Trees

Trucks carry most of Oregon's lumber out of the woods on forest roads. But before that was possible, the timber industry primarily relied on the river — some of which are still recovering.

Oyster Harvest, Coos Bay circa 1940

Oregon Experience Reveals The Lives Of The Oystermen

Oysters are unusual little creatures, and they've played a distinctive role in Pacific Northwest history. As Euro-Americans settled this region, the native oyster became one of the first natural resources to be exploited on a large scale — and one of the first to be depleted. The oyster business spawned the creation of several coastal communities and precipitated the demise of a vast Indian reservation. Yet the oysters themselves and the colorful oystermen who farm them have contributed many unacknowledged environmental benefits, as well.

Crown Point, circa 1914 by George Weister

The River They Saw

The beauty and magic of the Columbia River Gorge has attracted photographers for more than 150 years.  The River They Saw chronicles the history of the Gorge with rarely seen images crafted by Carleton Watkins, Sarah Ladd, Benjamin Gifford, Al Monner and many others.  These early photographers left a stunning visual legacy through images still considered among the greatest landscape photos ever made.

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