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Portland outlines plan to fight invasive tree-killing beetle

Portland forestry officials are bracing for a major die-off of ash trees as an invasive beetle spreads through the region. The emerald ash borer has killed more than 100 million trees in the U.S. since its discovery in Michigan in 2002, and Oregon officials have long-feared its arrival.

Blackened trees stand in the Brattain Fire scar

US to plant more trees as climate change kills off forests

The Biden administration wants the government to plant more than a billion trees across millions of acres of burned and dead woodlands as officials struggle to counter climate change's increasing toll on the nation’s forests.

Portland’s unfriendly treatment of Friends of Trees

Bureaucratic infighting and competition appears to be setting the city back in its efforts to plant more trees — and protect more residents from extreme weather.

aerial image looks down on green forests turned orange on south-facing sides

Oregon trees cooked during summer heat waves

Drought and intense heat waves delivered a “knockout punch” for hundreds of thousands of acres of Oregon trees this summer, researchers say.