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'Certain Dark Things' Is A Compelling New Take On Vampires

NPR | Oct. 27, 2016

Silvia Moreno-Garcia's new novel is set in a realistic, multidimensional Mexico City, where a young human boy meets a mysterious girl and gets caught up in a whirlwind of vampire-gang drug wars.

'Good Girls Revolt' Takes On Gender Bias In The Newsroom

NPR | Oct. 27, 2016

Amazon's new series Good Girls Revolt, set in 1969, was inspired by a landmark gender bias case at Newsweek. Showrunners also hired women at every level of the cast and crew — a Hollywood rarity.

Latino Noir: Private Eyes And Really Bad Vatos

NPR | Oct. 26, 2016

Author Carmen Amato takes us on a tour of noir fiction from Latinx writers.

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Wayne Gretzky On Hockey History, Dreaming Big And Canadian Pride

NPR | Oct. 26, 2016 7:41 a.m.

The ice hockey legend marks the 99th anniversary of the NHL with his new book 99: Stories of the Game. Never mind the sport's tough guy reputation; "the game of hockey is an art," Gretzky says.

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I Shall Faint: 'Unmentionable' Unpacks Victorian Womanhood

NPR | Oct. 26, 2016 4 a.m.

Therese Oneill's new Unmentionable is a snarkily informal history of the difficulty of being a woman in the Victorian Era, hemmed in from head to toe with countless rules about dress and manners.


With A Second 'Jack Reacher,' Tom Cruise Finally Exceeds His Grasp

NPR | Oct. 25, 2016 4:24 a.m.

After a five-year winning streak as Hollywood reigning action hero, Tom Cruise falls back to earth with a can't-miss sequel that misses.

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Fact, Fiction, History And Heart Converge In 'The Terranauts'

NPR | Oct. 25, 2016 4 a.m.

T.C. Boyle's new novel is ripped from the headlines ... of 1993. It follows the misadventures of a group of scientists conducting experiments in a hermetically sealed, Biosphere 2-like environment.

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'The Walking Dead' Gets Real In Season 7 Premiere

NPR | Oct. 24, 2016 1:21 p.m.

They finally did it: The producers of The Walking Dead kicked off season seven by ratcheting up the onscreen gore and brutality until it matches what appears in the original comic.

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Remembering Steve Dillon, Co-Creator Of 'Preacher'

NPR | Oct. 24, 2016 12:24 p.m.

Comic artist Steve Dillon died this weekend in New York City at the age of 54. He was responsible for some of the most iconic comics of the 1990s, including Hellblazer and Preacher.

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Not My Job: We Ask The Choreographer Of 'The Lion King' About Lying Kings

NPR | Oct. 24, 2016 8:26 a.m.

We recorded the show in Rochester, N.Y., this week, which is home to the Garth Fagan Dance company. We'll ask acclaimed choreographer Garth Fagan three questions about really deceitful people.

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From Pamplona, With Love: 'The Sun Also' Turns 90

NPR | Oct. 24, 2016 8:22 a.m.

Ernest Hemingway's masterful first novel came out 90 years ago today; the story of aimless American expatriates drinking, fighting and falling in and out of love is regarded as one of his best works.


Reading Gaol, Where Oscar Wilde Was Imprisoned, Unlocks Its Gates For Art

NPR | Oct. 24, 2016 8:08 a.m.

In 1895, Wilde was convicted of homosexual activity and sentenced to two years Reading Gaol. Built in the mid-1800s, the facility was operational until 2013. Now, it's hosting an unusual art exhibit.

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Run The Jewels Announces New Album, Shares 'Talk To Me'

NPR | Oct. 24, 2016 8:02 a.m.

The hip-hop duo announces RTJ3 with a single from Adult Swim.

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