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Oregon Ethics Panel Clears Former Legislator To Lobby For Governor's Office

The Register-Guard | April 26, 2017 9:57 a.m. | Salem, Oregon

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission has ruled that a “cooling off” law that prohibits recently retired state lawmakers from lobbying their one-time colleagues doesn’t apply if they become an employee of a public agency and engage in lobbying for that agency.

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In Oregon, May Day Rally At Capitol To Focus On Immigration

AP | April 26, 2017 8:04 a.m. | Salem, Oregon

Some leaders of Oregon's Latino community say they plan to use a May Day rally at the Capitol to protest federal immigration agents arresting immigrant farmworkers.

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Trump To Sign Executive Order That Could Shrink National Monuments

NPR | April 25, 2017 6:31 p.m.

The Interior Secretary says, under the policy, his department will review protective designations since 1996 of 100,000 acres or more, particularly their size.

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Portland 82nd Avenue Rose Parade Cancelled Over Counterprotest Threat

Portland Tribune | April 25, 2017 5:39 p.m. | Portland

The annual 82nd Avenue Rose Parade and Carnival scheduled for Saturday have been cancelled of threats against the Multnomah County Republican Party, a longtime participant in the parade.

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Oregon Bill Would Shield Sexual Assault Victims From Underage Drinking Charges

OPB | April 25, 2017 4:25 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Sexual assault victims under age 21 could come forward to police without being cited for underage alcohol possession under a measure moving ahead in the Oregon Legislature.

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Oregon Budget Negotiations | Environmental Justice And Carbon Pricing | 'Good Hair'

OPB | April 26, 2017 noon

We hear about budget negotiations heating up in Salem, how carbon pricing could affect communities of color, and the politics of "good hair." 

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Salmon Cannon Shoots For Its Biggest Project Yet

NWPR/EarthFix | April 25, 2017 2:26 p.m.

The salmon cannon made a big splash a few years ago on local news stations and even had a cameo on HBO’s "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver. Soon, it could propel fish into its biggest project yet.

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Oregon Files $3 Million Lawsuit Against Zoom Health Plan

OPB | April 25, 2017 1:56 p.m. | Portland

Oregon filed suit Tuesday against Zoom Health Plan to recover millions of dollars the company was reportedly supposed to pay last year.

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Oregon Book Award Winners Announced

OPB | April 25, 2017 6:30 a.m. | Portland

A dazzling literary chronicle of one of America’s most haunting writers took the top prize for general non-fiction at this year’s Oregon Book Awards.

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Nature Time Improves Your Well-Being, Says OSU Study

OPB | April 21, 2017 3:17 p.m. | Terrebonne, Oregon

Researchers at Oregon State University have found that people who spend time in nature feel greater life satisfaction.

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Jordan Cove Donates Big To Squash Measure Opposing Oregon LNG Terminal

The Coos Bay World | April 21, 2017 2:51 p.m. | Coos County, Oregon

Opponents to a proposed ballot measure that threatens pipeline and liquid natural gas projects are funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into Coos County to ensure that the ordinance fails.

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Roseburg Man May Soon Be Part Of Clint Eastwood Movie Project

The Roseburg News Review | April 21, 2017 2:31 p.m.

Roseburg's Alex Skarlatos and his friends took down a 26-year-old Moroccan man armed with an AK-47 rifle, a pistol, a box cutter and ammunition on a Paris-bound train from Brussels, Belgium.

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Oregon Drops Several Defenses In $1.4 Billion Timber Lawsuit

Capital Press | April 21, 2017 2:21 p.m.

Last year, Linn County filed a lawsuit accusing Oregon of violating contracts with 15 counties by reducing logging on about 650,000 acres of forestland the counties had donated to the state.

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Portland Animator Rose Bond Changes Where Animation Lives

OPB | April 21, 2017 1:38 p.m. | Portland

Rose Bond calls herself an animator and media artist and says she includes “a lot of social practice, a lot of public involvement” in every piece she creates.

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Animator Joan Gratz Embraces Technology To Create Her Newest Films

OPB | April 27, 2017 8 p.m. | Portland

Joan Gratz has worked in Portland’s animation scene since its earliest days.

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Bipartisan Oregon Lawmakers Unveil Proposal To Reel In State Spending

OPB | April 21, 2017 12:47 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

A bipartisan group of Oregon lawmakers unveiled a proposal Friday to reel in state spending during the upcoming budget cycle.

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State Grants To Help Oregon Schools, Hospitals Withstand Major Earthquake

OPB | April 21, 2017 12:20 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

The state of Oregon has announced a new round of taxpayer-funded grants to help schools and other public buildings better withstand a major earthquake.

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2017 Oregon Book Awards: The Nonfiction Nominees

OPB | April 22, 2017 noon

In our Oregon Book Awards special, we dig into the stories of five authors nominated in the nonfiction category: including the fantastical and dangerous love story of two journalists during WWII. 

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Guatemalan Man Self-Deports From Oregon In Fear Of ICE Raids

OPB | April 21, 2017 noon

In predominately Latino communities, fears about deportations have prompted life as usual to shut down. And in a few cases, immigrants are going as far as deporting themselves.

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More Than Half Of Clackamas County Homeless Are Children, 2017 Count Says

OPB | April 21, 2017 9:33 a.m. | Portland

Children make up more than half the documented homeless population in Clackamas County's 2017 count.