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Amazon In Oregon | Portland Thorns | Erious Johnson | Jim Pepper

OPB | Oct. 16, 2017 noon

We hear about Erious Johnson's recent settlement with the Oregon Department of Justice, tax breaks for Amazon, the Portland Thorns' 2017 NWSL championship and the life of Native American jazzman Jim Pepper.

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Solar Industry Changes | Lillard On Protests | Racism At Multnomah County?

OPB | Sept. 28, 2017 noon

Damian Lillard has some thoughts about taking the knee during the national anthem. Also, we hear about allegations of racism at Multnomah County. And we check in on Oregon's solar industry.

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Air Pollution | Mental Health Program | 'The Spirit Of Dialogue'

OPB | Sept. 21, 2017 noon

We look at a new study on air pollution and race, and a Lane County effort to improve mental health response by police. Also, OSU's Aaron Wolf talks about his book, "The Spirit of Dialogue."

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Sheriff Mike Reese | Implicit Bias And Public Safety | Parole And Probation

OPB | Sept. 20, 2017 noon

We hear from Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese, U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams and Portland's Erika Preuitt, the first black president of the American Probation and Parole Association.

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News Roundtable | Oregon Health Authority | Race In The Classroom

OPB | Sept. 1, 2017 noon

Students are advocating for more classroom discussions about race and privilege. Also, we sit down with Oregon Health Authority's new director, and our news roundtable takes up some big stories of the week.

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News Roundtable | Obesity And Prejudice | Teen Pregnancy Prevention

OPB | Aug. 11, 2017 noon

Heavy Asian-Americans are more likely to be perceived as "American." Also, what was being taught in a teen pregnancy prevention program whose federal funding has been cut? And the news of the week.

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Oregon Legislature Approves Reproductive Services Bill

AP | July 5, 2017 5:09 p.m. | Salem, Oregon

Insurance companies in Oregon would be required to cover abortions and a variety of other reproductive services at no cost to the patient under a bill approved by the state Legislature.

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Oregon House Approves Sweeping Reproductive Services Bill

AP | July 1, 2017 4:46 p.m. | Portland

The Oregon House approved a bill to require all insurance companies in the state cover abortion and other reproductive services at no cost to the patient.

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Paragliders Compete In A Rat Race In The Sky

OPB | June 29, 2017 4 p.m.

The Rat Race Paragliding Competition launches from the top of Woodrat Mountain near Jacksonville, Oregon, every summer.

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Hanford Cleanup | Social Studies Bill | Finicum Shooting | Opioid Crisis

OPB | June 28, 2017 noon

We hear about what it will take to clean up the Hanford nuclear reservation, new statewide social studies standards, a possible indictment in the 2016 shooting of LaVoy Finicum, and the opioid crisis in Oregon.

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News Roundtable | REAL ID | Good In The Hood

OPB | June 22, 2017 noon

Oregon's working on making state IDs compliant with federal regulations. Portland's Good in the Hood Festival continues despite racist threats. Also, our news roundtable discusses the latest headlines.

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Talking Business | Kitzhaber Investigation | Slants' Trademark Case | Good Samaritan Bill

OPB | June 20, 2017 noon

We get updates on business news, The Slants' Supreme Court case, the investigation into former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, and a bill to protect people who break into hot cars to save kids and pets.

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Portland Water | Medicaid Eligibility | Race And Casting | Architect John Yeon

OPB | May 23, 2017 noon

Oregon may be spending millions on people who are not eligible for Medicaid benefits. A Portland producer was denied the rights to a play, in a dispute over casting and race. And a new exhibit features Oregon architect John Yeon.

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Engineering Licenses | Portland's Japantown | James Beard Documentary

OPB | May 3, 2017 noon

An Oregon man who has an engineering degree from Sweden has been fined for practicing engineering without a license. We learn about Portland's Japantown before WWII, and about a new documentary on Oregon-born food writer James Beard.

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Welcome To Richland, Washington: Where White Leaders Say There Is No Racism

Northwest News Network | April 25, 2017 12:29 p.m.

“Communities, law enforcement, perceive problems that really exist, as opposed to sometimes perceived problems," Mayor Robert Thompson said.

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Portland Youth Tackle Political Polarization With National Dialogue Project

OPB | March 23, 2017 noon

Students from Catlin Gabel, Wilson and De La Salle North high schools in Portland launched a youth dialogue project designed to get young people from all over the country to talk — and listen — to each other.

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Portland-Area High Schools Respond To Hate Speech

OPB | March 10, 2017 noon

Two Portland-area principals say the incidents on their campuses require thoughtful responses that both ensure safety of students and avoid giving too much attention to racist and homophobic threats.

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Lane County Employee Accuses Deputy Of Racial Profiling During Traffic Stop

The Register-Guard | Feb. 4, 2017 10:13 a.m.

Linda Hamilton, a Lane County parole and probation officer, alleges that on Jan. 14 she was the target of a racial profiling traffic stop by a Lane County sheriff’s deputy.

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Portland Women's March Sparks Discussion Of Privilege And Inclusivity

OPB | Jan. 20, 2017 3:45 p.m.

Women’s March on Portland on Saturday has prompted intense discussions online about the nature of feminism.

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News Roundtable | PDX Women's March | Astoria Play

OPB | Jan. 20, 2017 1 a.m.

In a 1 p.m. show following NPR special coverage, we'll talk about the inauguration and other news of the week, look ahead to the Women's March on Portland, and hear about a play about Astoria.