How Oregon Dungeness crab make the journey from sea to table.


Newsletter: Appreciating winter ingredients

This week’s Superabundant newsletter celebrates the winter ingredients that make the Northwest a wonderful place to live. Plus a recipe for a winter steelhead po’boy sandwich with Meyer lemon remoulade.

US considering plan to down Chinese balloon over Atlantic

The Biden administration is considering a plan to shoot down a large Chinese balloon suspected of conducting surveillance on the U.S. military, by bringing it down once it is above the Atlantic Ocean where the remnants could potentially be recovered.

Dangerously cold temperatures envelop Northeast

Arctic air descended into the Northeast on Saturday morning, bringing dangerously cold sub-zero temperatures and wind chills that dropped to minus 45 to minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit in many areas.

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How a strict gun safety measure divided the state of Oregon

Oregon voters approved a measure last fall aimed at reducing gun violence, something that already has led to more than 3,500 deaths nationwide so far this year. "PBS NewsHour" recently explored the gun safety measure in Oregon, and discovered the new law has sharply divided the state.

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‘OPB Politics Now’: The debate over nepotism in Salem

On this week's show, OPB political reporters Dirk VanderHart and Lauren Dake explain why Oregon legislators are exempt from a state law banning public officials from hiring family members — and why one influential Democrat wants to change that this session.