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Monday Mix: Chet Faker, Tank and The Bangas, Fruit Bats

By Ray Gill, Jr. (OPB)
Oct. 19, 2020 1 p.m.

Listen to three new songs debuting on opbmusic this week.

Chet Faker - “Low”


Australian singer/songwriter Nick Murphy has returned to his stage name, Chet Faker, which he dropped in 2016. The resurrection of his previous identity is accompanied by the stirring single “Low.” This song features a mid-tempo beat stabilized by Murphy’s smooth vocal delivery. It’s punctuated by an infectious chorus that completes the song in such a way to make the track a late contender for one of this year’s best.

Tank and The Bangas - “Self Care”

During this time of quarantine, Tank and the Bangas come to the rescue with the perfect anthem for the moment. “Self Care” has flipped the narrative of depression-by-way-of-isolation on its head with an energy and attitude that can’t help but make you feel better. Here, the band has stripped down their signature sound of wall to wall instrumentation in favor of an arrangement that features isolated flute and heavy bass, which perfectly captures the feeling of isolation many of us experiencing. Vocalist Tarriona “Tank” Ball is joined by guests Jaime Woods, Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph and Orleans Big to provide the energy that propels this track into the stratosphere. “'Self Care' is THE quarantine song to get you moving,” Ball said in a statement. “It shows that some of the best things can come out from solitude, especially when the beat hits this hard.”

Fruit Bats - “Gideon”

Fruit Bats' new single “Gideon” is a soaring and atmosphere classic folk rock ballad. The track is elevated by the sympathetic lyrics of singer Eric D. Johnson, who delivers his lines with a soothing emotional impact many performers strive for yet never achieve. This sincerity is demonstrated in the opening lyrics “Everybody said that it would just come to you / Everybody said some spirit would pull you through / But you didn’t know it’d be so hard out there.” The multi-talented Johnston preformed, produced, engineered and mixed the music on the new record “The Glory of the Fruit Bats” in just one week in Portland, Oregon.


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