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Monday Mix: Billy Titko, Faye Webster, Laundromat

By Ray Gill, Jr. (OPB)
May 10, 2021 1 p.m.

Kickstart the week with three new songs hand-picked for your playlist.

Billy Titko - “Women”


Oregon-via-LA musician Billy Titko recently dropped a stunning debut record called “Jaded” that features this single. Titko created “Woman” in her bedroom with help from friend and producer James Cline. This 19-year-old artist defies her age with lyrical depth and a mature vocal style that’s layered over a musical accompaniment that perfectly executes a sophisticated dance of ebbs and flows. As for the song’s motivation, Titko explained to OPB that it was born from being “…annoyed and fed up with the common troupe of women getting mistreated in relationships and strung along/lied to by guys.”

Faye Webster - “Cheers”

“Cheers” comes from Faye Webster’s forthcoming album “I Know I’m Funny haha” arriving June 25. The songwriter shows amazing restraint throughout the song, giving the listener the sense that something ominous is bubbling under the surface (just before ending with a sudden impact). This approach accentuates the tension expressed by Webster’s lyrics, which tell of an uncertain relationship. It’s all amplified by a grimy, almost grunge sound that gives “Cheers” an unexpected edge. “It’s kind of the outlier on the record but at the same time is still so original and identifying to myself,” said Webster recently. “Also, it just makes me feel like a badass for once.”

Laundromat - “Flat Planet”

Toby Hayes, who performs under the name Laundromat, has just released his new EP “Red.” The record contains the innovative single “Flat Planet” which employs an eclectic mash-up of familiar sounds that may have never met before. This experimental sound balanced out by just a hint of funk is mixed with a vocal performance that almost acts as an additional instrument with its stylized approach. “I kinda hear it like a St. Vincent song or something like that,” Hayes said. “Some tongue in cheek (but not) apocalyptic-pop.”


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