Weird Nightmare
Ryan Thompson

Fatima and Joe Armon-Jones — “#1″


Decorated English producer, composer and keyboard player Joe Armon-Jones and up-and-coming Swedish soul singer Fatima teamed up for an EP called “Tinted Shades’' that dropped in March. Their website describes the three track release as a piece of art that “asserts personal truths whilst juxtaposing dark times with hopeful optimism — spanning soul, hip hop and R&B.” Lead single “#1″ is a lushly produced example featuring the indelible essence of Fatima’s soulful vocal power.

Weird Nightmare — “Lusitania”

Weird Nightmare is a new project fronted by METZ guitarist and singer Alex Edkins. “Lusitania” is a full-throttled exhibition of joyous instrumentation and raucous indie-pop vocals. “‘Lusitania’ was a big breakthrough for the entire Weird Nightmare album. I realized that, musically, my goal was to make songs that would make people feel good,” Edkins said in a statement. The full debut album is set for release on May 20 via Sub Pop.

Placebo — “Chemtrails”

Veteran London band Placebo released their first album in nine years, “Never Let Me Go,” last month. Standout track “Chemtrails” masterfully manipulates a classic melodic synth sound with fuzzed out guitar to create an infectious energy. The band was apparently unhappy with its previous release, which lent this new batch of songs extra importance. ”The whole enterprise was commercial, rather than [an] artistic one, and I guess we reacted against that,” said lead singer Brian Molko. “The silent scream that is everywhere — that’s what interests me.”


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