We recorded Episode 53 of “The Four Top” during FEAST weekend when Portland turns into one big food and beverage fête. In our first segment, we chat about how it feels to be pushed into the public eye. Zach Geballe takes over the mic as Brent Braun joins us to describe what it is like to go from local sommelier to overnight sensation.

Next, we discuss the importance of food in fostering a healthy relationship. Author and food blogger (as well as a wife and mother) Ashley Rodriguez is an expert on this topic and describes some of her favorite dishes to cook for date nights at home.

Finally, conversations at social gatherings can be awkward, even when you’ve got a wine glass in your hand. Chad Murphy (aka the comic artist Lord Birthday) has authored an absurd book on how to navigate social events and offers some zingers.

Meet our panelists: Rodriguez is a food blogger at notwithoutsalt.com and the author of two cookbooks. Braun is the celebrity sommelier and partner at OK Omens and Castagna. Zach Geballe, the host of the “Vine Pair” podcast, is a wine educator, drinks columnist and sommelier at Seattle’s Dahlia Lounge. Chad Murphy, assistant professor of management at Oregon State University College of Business, is the author of “How To Appear Normal at Social Events” under his cartoonist pseudonym, Lord Birthday.

Our host is Katherine Cole.

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