This mozzarella may not be dairy-free, but it sure is stretchy. 

This mozzarella may not be dairy-free, but it sure is stretchy. 

Courtesy of Claudia Lucero of Urban Cheesecraft.

Episode 59 takes a fresh look at the state of dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free-plus cooking and eating. First off, Claudia Lucero, author and master cheesemaker, explains why she has entered the dairy-free zone with her new book and how she learned to achieve satisfying flavor and texture using plant-based products.

In our second course, Juno DeMelo, who covers health topics for national magazines, brings us up to speed on the current state of sugar alternatives and alternative sugars. (And no, those two aren’t the same.) Have the nutritional claims made by cane sugar’s competitors been blown out of proportion?

And, finally, gluten-free pastry chef and “Cupcake Wars” champion Kyra Bussanich discusses the medical condition that forced her to give up wheat, and her life as a food professional on a limited diet.

Meet our panelists: Claudia Lucero is founder of Urban Cheesecraft and author of the books “One-Hour Cheese” and “One-Hour Dairy Free Cheese.” Juno DeMelo writes for various publications including Bon Appétit, Real Simple, and Food & Wine. Kyra Bussanich, four-time winner of “Cupcake Wars” on the Food Network, is owner of Kyra’s Bake Shop, and author of the cookbook “Sweet Cravings.”

Our host is Katherine Cole. Thank you to our brand partner, Drink Shrub.

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