What does your dream kitchen look like?

What does your dream kitchen look like?

Justin Krug/Fotolia

The definition of the word “salad” has changed over the centuries. Today, an artist-led movement is tossing out the old iceberg lettuce model and ushering in everything from stews to cocktails to concepts. Next, we delve into summer reading, but since this is “The Four Top,” you know we’re all reading cookbooks … cover to cover. We discuss our favorite examples of the cookbook as literature.

Finally, we ask our panelists — who have cooked in the kitchens of world-renowned artists and architects — to describe the ideal kitchen design. You’ll be surprised to hear what they have to say.

Meet our panelists: Julia Sherman is the author of the blog and book, “Salad for President.” Peter Miller is the author of the books “Lunch at the Shop” and “Five Ways to Cook Asparagus.” And Megan Scott is hard at work on the next edition of “The Joy of Cooking.” Our host is Katherine Cole.