The former Soviet states really whoop it up when it comes to New Year’s celebrations. They’ve got fictional characters like Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, a drawn-out dinner that doesn’t start until 9 or 10 p.m. and familiar-looking decorated trees. We dig into Novy Godt for our first course.

Next, now that New Year’s festivities are over, we consider how various cultures battle hangovers with food.

And for our final course, we speak about tongue. From Jewish delis to Mexican taquerias, tongue plays a central role in many cuisines. What’s its appeal and why is it considered a delicacy?

Meet our panelists: Bonnie Frumkin Morales and Deena Prichep are the authors of “Kachka: A Return to Russian Cooking.” Prichep is also a journalist who contributes frequently to NPR, and Frumkin Morales is chef and owner of Kachka, a nationally acclaimed Russian restaurant in Portland. Michael Zusman is a dining critic and co-author of “The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home.”

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