It’s the most exciting time ever to be a coffee lover, but to love coffee, one must know it. Our three panelists guide us through the “Third Wave” movement in artisanal farming, processing, roasting, and appreciation.

Roasted coffee beans cool down.

Roasted coffee beans cool down.

Niall Kennedy / Flickr

Next, we turn our attention to the smallest roasting operations, called “microroasters” or “nanoroasters.” Is there any advantage to roasting by the pound rather than the ton?

And for our third course, we take a close look at coffee in cans. Cold brews are all the rage, but are they any good? According to our experts, that fizzy nitrogen foam might be covering up a less-than-premium flavor experience.

Meet our panelists: Connie Blumhardt is the publisher of Roast Magazine and Daily Coffee News. Jordan Michelman is a beverage journalist and cofounder of the online coffee publication Sprudge. And Kenneth Olson is co-founder and publisher of Barista Magazine. Our host is Katherine Cole.