Join us for a hearty conversation about American food and the family dinner.

We begin by asking Eater’s deputy editor, Erin DeJesus, if the hamburgers, coleslaw, potato salad, and corn on the cob at Independence Day backyard barbecues are truly representative of the way our nation eats today.

Does Fourth of July fare represent what Americans really eat?

Does Fourth of July fare represent what Americans really eat?

Juan Diego Ramirez, producer of the “Racist Sandwich” podcast, then leads a discussion on the ways in which Mexican food has influenced cuisines north of the border and how we should reframe dialogue around Mexican and Mexican-American foods. 

Finally, food historian Heather Arndt Anderson talks us through the history of the American family dinner, and we discuss the ways in which it has changed over recent centuries and decades.

Meet our panelists: Erin DeJesus, deputy editor at Eater; Juan Diego Ramirez, journalist and producer of “The Racist Sandwich”; and food historian, botanist and food writer Heather Arndt Anderson. 

Our host is Katherine Cole. 

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