There's a new wave of bubbly, beautiful booze-free cocktails sweeping the nation.

There’s a new wave of bubbly, beautiful booze-free cocktails sweeping the nation.

Episode 63 is a dive into refreshing beverages. We begin our conversation in the world of sparkling-water connoisseurship. Jordan Michelman, founder and editor of, is a member of a secret global seltzer society, and he fills us in on what qualifies as “seltzer,” and what’s a “snake.

Next, we check in with Imbibe Magazine’s senior editor Penelope Bass on the “sober-curious” movement, and the new wave of stylish, alcohol-free cocktail bars that’s sweeping the nation.

Finally, wine journalist Michael Alberty gets us up to speed on the explosion in popularity of boutique canned beverages—like hard seltzer—that straddle the line between virtuous and decadent.

Meet our panelists: Penelope Bass is Senior Editor at Imbibe Magazine; Michael Alberty is the wine columnist for The Oregonian newspaper and a freelance wine journalist; Jordan Michelman is the founder and editor of

Our host is Katherine Cole. 

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