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Ballot measures

Measure 107

Oregon doesn’t limit campaign finance donations. This would change that. 

Oregon is one of only five U.S. states that place no limits on how much money a person can give to state political campaigns. Our comic explains how Measure 107 would allow that to change.


Measure 109

Psilocybin, for some

Oregon would allow special therapy programs using the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms. 

Measure 108

A new tobacco tax

Voters will decide whether to raise the cigarette tax — and tax e-cigarettes.

Oregon races

Secretary of State

2 state senators battle for Oregon’s second-highest job

Two state senators who have at times represented the edge of their political party — one leaning further left than some of her colleagues, the other an unwavering conservative — are vying for a powerful statewide position that is considered best run from the middle, in a nonpartisan fashion.

Oregon Treasurer

Candidates differ sharply on how forceful the office should be

The person in charge of Oregon’s treasury has a finger on every tax dollar that comes into state coffers. Their decisions can dictate how cheaply Oregon is able to borrow money, and therefore how efficiently those tax dollars are spent on major projects. And they help chart the course for around $100 billion in investments that play a major role in addressing Oregon’s ongoing pension crisis.

U.S. House, 2nd Dist

Can Republicans hold onto their only Oregon congressional seat?

After nearly 22 years as Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District representative, Republican Greg Walden is retiring from Congress. That leaves a race without an incumbent this year for the massive district that covers more than half the state.  Democrat Alex Spenser and Republican Cliff Bentz are the leading candidates for the seat.

U.S. House, 4th Dist

A longtime incumbent faces a challenger known for foiling a terrorist attack

Voters in Oregon’s 4th Congressional District haven’t sent a Republican to Congress since 1972. But the current race between incumbent Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Springfield, and GOP challenger Alek Skarlatos is drawing national attention to a degree not recently seen in the district.

Portland metro area races

On May 26, 2017, Jeremy Christian unleashed a racist rant on a MAX train directed at two women of color before stabbing three people, killing two of them. After the train stopped at the Hollywood Max Station, Christian was arrested nearby.

Measure 26-218

Regional government wants billions for transportation projects

Metro, a three-county Portland area regional government, is asking voters to fund transportation-focused programs over the next 15 years. If passed, the measure would place a tax of up to 0.75% on the payrolls of certain employers in the Portland metro area starting in 2022.

Washington races