Residents in Hood River can safely drink water again.

The City of Hood River lifted its boil water advisory at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday after a water main leak had affected downtown residents and businesses since Sunday evening.

City officials deemed the water safe after test results confirmed no evidence of harmful bacteria in the city water system. Water samples were sent to labs in Portland and The Dalles.

Lt. Don Cheli with the Hood River Police Department said the cause of the leak is still unknown.

While city water is now safe to consume, health officials advise affected water customers to flush all household plumbing prior to consuming water as a precaution. As the water system is fully restored to service, the city said users might experience air or sediment in their water lines. Water clouded by sediment should be flushed until the sediment is removed.

Hood River County Environmental Health advises city water users who use ice machines to discard ice and thoroughly sanitize the machine, and that any filters or appliances that use water should be sanitized. Food that was prepared or washed after Sunday evening using raw water should be discarded.

Earlier this week, residents were asked to bring water to a rolling boil before drinking it, using it to brush teeth or to prepare food. Restaurants using city water were asked to remain closed through the advisory by the county environmental health department.

Health officials said residents should take precautions to restock any emergency supplies used during the event, and to take the opportunity to discuss emergency plans with family.

Anyone that becomes sick from this event should contact their primary care provider.