Oregon is warning medical cannabis growers that if they don’t report their inventories, they could face stiff fines.

Since 2016, small scale growers in Oregon have needed to report how much marijuana they produce to the medical marijuana online system.

But the state says only about 15% are in compliance.

That means only about 300 of the state’s 1,900 registered growers have been telling officials how much cannabis they have on hand.

Anthony Taylor with Compassionate Oregon said he thinks most of the violators are small growers who don’t know about the requirement.

“If my wife designated me as her grower, I have to report into the system. And most of those mom and pops out there don’t realize this,” Taylor said. “This is a friendly reminder to let them know that inspections are happening and that if we catch you out of compliance, it could be as much as $200 a day.”

Oregon politicians are worried that if they don’t keep a lid on marijuana flowing into the black market, the federal government will crack down.

“Reporting to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Online System is crucial in that it requires growers to report cannabis products going into or out of their site … which helps to prevent diversion to the black market,” said Megan Lockwood, an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program manager.

Lockwood said a recent Oregon secretary of state audit identified tracking enforcement as an area the program needed to address to reduce diversion.

The state said growers can expect a warning letter later this month with penalties of at least $200 going into effect in May.

People must report monthly if they’re a designated grower for a patient other than themselves; if they’re growing for themselves at home but are transferring product to a processor or dispensary; and if they’re growing for themselves somewhere other than their home.

Reporting rules don’t apply to patients growing for themselves at home.