You’ve pulled out your winter clothes, the mercury has dropped and so have all the leaves. Which means annual leaf day is back in Portland, and Bureau of Transportation is clearing the streets.

PBOT public information officer Dylan Rivera said every fall, trees leave thousands of cubic yards of leaves on the city’s streets.

“If we didn’t clear the leaves what happens is the leaves are washed into the storm drains, clog the drains, and cause street flooding,” Rivera said.

The bureau’s annual leaf cleanup began Nov. 7 and will run through Dec. 20, covering a few neighborhoods every day. 

To prepare, PBOT asks residents to rake leaves into the street, leaving about a foot between the leaves and the curb. Residents are welcome to put leaves from their yard but are asked not to include branches or anything else that could damage the trucks. PBOT also asks that residents move their cars. In some neighborhoods, cars may be towed if they remain on the street during cleanup.

While Portlanders wait for their turn to clean up, PBOT is asking for assistance to keep drains clear.

“Between now and leaf day, adopt a storm drain near your home and business,” Rivera suggested. “Keep leaves off of it so there’s a clear path for water to reach the drain and prevent street flooding for everyone this fall.”

To find out when leaf day is coming to your neighborhood and learn more about how you can prepare, head over to PBOT’s website.