Jury selection for the Jeremy Christian trial is set to begin Tuesday morning in Multnomah County.  

Christian is charged with stabbing and killing two men and injuring a third on a Portland MAX train in 2017.  

Witnesses said Christian was shouting racist comments while two young African American women were nearby. One woman was Muslim and wearing a hijab.  

The attack sent shock waves through Portland and the nation in the midst of a rise in hate crimes and renewed concerns about emboldened white supremacy.  

Christian is also accused of harassing and assaulting Demetria Hester, an African American woman, on a MAX train the day prior.  

He is facing more than a dozen felony and misdemeanor charges for those crimes, including multiple counts of first-degree murder and intimidation.  

Seating a jury for the trial could be a challenge due to the high-profile nature of the case.  

Christian’s trial is scheduled to begin next week. It’s expected to last a month.