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Class Of 2025: A Photo Finish To Second Grade

Second graders learn double-digit addition and subtraction and are expected to develop as readers and critical thinkers, but on the last day of school, it’s time to have fun together before they go their separate ways for the summer.

Like lots of schools in Oregon, Earl Boyles Elementary School celebrated the end of the year with Field Day.

At the end of the year, students at Earl Boyles Elementary have the opportunity to participate in Field Day, an annual tradition at many elementary schools to help the students welcome summer.

OPB has been following a group of 29 students in the Class of 2025. They all started as kindergarteners in 2012, at Earl Boyles Elementary School in Southeast Portland’s David Douglas School District. Most of them are still there.

OPB has continued following students who have left Earl Boyles, and intends to keep following them to high school graduation in June 2025.

As the second grade year comes to a close for the students participating in OPB’s Class of 2025 project, these portraits illustrate how they’ve grown over the year.

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