Much of OPB’s Class of 2025 project has focused on the intense work of ensuring students are on track to graduate, asking questions like, “Are they reading at grade level?” or “How is their attendance?” and “What’s happening at home?”

But last school year, the students OPB has been following were in fourth grade — a fun year in lots of ways, and few events brought as much excitement as the science fair.

The STEAM fair, as it was called at Earl Boyles Elementary School, required students to come up with a project idea, and refine it — through trial-and-error — until they had a finished design they could share. Many students came up with very practical projects like a system for watering chickens or a powerful magnet to pick up lost nails. Others really got caught up in the constant tinkering of their projects, learning the value of repeated effort and analysis.

OPB has been following 27 students in the Class of 2025, since they started kindergarten in 2012. We checked in with a handful of them at the STEAM Fair. 

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