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Regulators Maintain Jordan Cove Environmental Impacts Are 'Less Than Significant'

Federal regulators release final environmental impact document for the Jordan Cove LNG project.

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Opponents Of Proposed Eastern Oregon Transmission Line File Lawsuit

Opponents have filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management, saying the agency failed to adequately evaluate environmental impacts of Idaho Power's proposed 300-mile transmission line. 

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Federal Lawsuit Aims To Kill Stalled Methanol Refinery Project

A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday aims to keep one of the world's biggest methanol refineries from being built along the Columbia River in Washington state.

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In German Coal Country, This Former Socialist Model City Has Shrunk In Half

Thirty years after the Berlin Wall fell, Hoyerswerda is struggling to thrive, a far-right party has gained popularity and many residents worry about the future when Germany phases out coal.

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Despite Bankruptcy And Illness, Bob Murray Remains A Loud Voice For Coal

Bob Murray rose from coal miner to executive and became an influential industry voice. Despite his role in crafting the Trump administration's pro-coal policies, his own company is bankrupt.

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More Than 11,000 Scientists Say Climate Change Threatens 'Fate Of Humanity'

It’s rare for scientists to call something a clear and unequivocal fact. But that’s exactly what a group of 11,258 scientists from around the globe are saying in a new paper.

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Saudi Aramco, World's Most Profitable Company, Will Make First Public Offering

The oil company said it will sell an unspecified number of shares on a Saudi Arabian exchange. Its valuation could be $1.5 trillion, and it may be the world's biggest IPO.

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Gas Station Converts To Electric Charging Station And Speeds Ahead Of Curve

As the electric car industry ramps up, one gas station in Takoma Park, Md., changed lanes and became an electric vehicle-charging station. The owner hopes to motivate other stations to make the shift.

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Calif. Governor Seeks To 'Jumpstart' PG&E Bankruptcy Talks; Threatens State Takeover

Democrat Gavin Newsom has been critical of the state's largest utility, PG&E, in the face of planned power outages that left 2 million customers without electricity.

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Major Coal Producer And Trump Booster Files For Bankruptcy

Bob Murray, the owner of Murray Energy, pushed the Trump administration to roll back numerous coal regulations. But he says the industry needs even more help from government