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Skipping School Around The World To Push For Action On Climate Change

Students around the country are skipping class Friday to protest inaction on climate change. It's part of a wave of pressure by young people as Democrats struggle to agree on a climate policy.

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Portland Students Prepare for Worldwide Climate Strike

Anywhere from a hundred to a few thousand students could gather outside of Portland's City Hall to protest climate change.

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In Midst Of An Oil Boom, New Mexico Sets Bold New Climate Goals

New Mexico lawmakers passed a bill this week mandating state utilities use 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. Meanwhile, oil production in the southeast corner of the state is breaking records.

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Southern Oregon Residents Are Wary About An Energy-Storing Lake

If approved and built, the Swan Lake North pumped hydro storage project in southern Oregon would be the largest energy storage project in the Pacific Northwest.

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Oregon’s Small-Scale Nuclear Company Looks To Build 1st Plant In Idaho

Oregon-based NuScale Power is on track to build its first plant using small, modular nuclear reactors at the Idaho National Laboratory site.

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OSU-Cascades Racks Up Water Research Grants

The Bend campus announced a $2.97 million grant through the U.S. Department of Energy to develop technology for treating the wastewater from fracking.

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Incentives For Electric Car Buyers? Yes In Oregon, Maybe In Washington

Democrats in the Washington Legislature want to revive a tax break for buyers of electric cars. Meanwhile, a publicly-financed rebate for battery-powered cars in Oregon is finding thousands of takers.

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Cattle Grazing Gives Way To Big Solar Farm Leases In Central Washington

A Portland-based energy developer has signed property leases for a big solar farm in Klickitat County near the Columbia River. When completed, the solar project will be the largest in Washington.

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For The Few Who Heat Homes With Coal, It's Still King

Nearly 130,000 homes in the U.S. still burn coal for heat. Despite decades of decline and concerns about climate change, companies in the coal home-heating business are optimistic about the future.

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Jay Inslee Wants To Be Your Climate President — Here's His Record So Far

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is running for president, and he’s staking his White House claim on his commitment to fighting climate change. Here’s a primer on his environmental efforts so far.