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'OPB Politics Now': Cap And Trade Creeps Forward Amid A Looming Walkout

The Oregon Legislature crept closer to a vote on a controversial plan to fight climate change this week.  

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With Oregon Republicans Ready To Walk Out, Gov. Brown Tries To Bargain

GOP state senators could flee the Capitol next week to block a climate bill. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has been trying to keep them in the building. 

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Jordan Cove Decision Delayed By Feds After Oregon Denies Key Permit

Another federal regulatory delay on the Jordan Cove energy and pipeline project in southwest Oregon comes after Oregon's Department of Land Conservation and Development denied a key permit.

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Proposals To Ban Fracking Could Hurt Democrats In Key States

Some Democratic presidential candidates want to ban fracking to help address climate change. That attracts young people, but may alienate swing voters in key oil and gas states like Pennsylvania.

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Columbia Riverkeeper Wants SEC To Investigate Kalama Methanol Project

A conservation group is pushing the federal government to investigate a proposed methanol plant in Kalama, Washington.

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From Delivery Trucks To Scooter-Moving Vans, Fleets Are Going Electric

Lime is all about electric vehicles — battery-powered scooters, that is. But now the company is also going to use plug-in vans for behind-the-scenes operations. And it's far from alone.

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Oregon's EV Rebate Program Running Again For Lower-Income Car Buyers

Oregon will begin processing Charge Ahead rebate applications from lower income Oregonian drivers who purchase an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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More Than 500 Oregon Health Leaders Declare Climate Change A Public Health Emergency

More than 500 health professionals from around the state have declared that climate change is a public health emergency. They are recommending 10 policies that would move the state towards its climate goals.

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Sticker Shock: The Grid Is At Capacity For Solar Power In Parts Of Oregon

As Oregon's grid reaches its capacity to accept solar power in some parts of the state, rooftop solar customers are getting stuck with the bill for expensive upgrades.

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Jordan Cove Energy Project Withdraws Application For Key Oregon Permit

The Jordan Cove Energy Project has abruptly withdrawn its application for a key permit from the state of Oregon. It’s not immediately clear what the withdrawal means for the Jordan Cove project.