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Study Finds Kalama Methanol Plant Would Reduce Global Carbon Emissions

A new study finds a controversial fossil fuel refinery proposed in Southwest Washington would actually reduce global carbon emissions.

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Leaky Dam Repairs WIll Temporarily Lower Bend's Mirror Pond

Pacific Power says refacing the century-old dam in steel will create a mud flat around Bend's central pond for two weeks.

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Portlanders Pass Measure To Create Clean Energy Fund

Portland voters on Tuesday passed a gross receipts tax measure that will pay into a clean energy fund, which proponents say will help the city chip away at its clean energy goals.

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Washington Could Become 1st State To Charge A Carbon Fee

A proposed fee of $15 per ton of carbon emissions in Washington has several exemptions for large emitters, and has rural voters afraid they'll end up paying.

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Why Big Money Is Being Pumped Into A Small New Mexico Race

As battles over energy and climate heat up, national groups are putting more money into local races with a big impact. That includes the election of the land commissioner in New Mexico.

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Portland Business Owners Say They Ended Up On Campaign Material They Didn’t Actually Support

Proponents of the gross receipts tax filed a formal election complaint with the Secretary of State’s office asking for an investigation into how two business owners appeared on campaign material they didn’t actually support.

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Oregon Gov. Brown Plans Order To Block Drilling Off Coast

The order is a response to President Trump's pledge to open up offshore areas around the country. There's no evidence companies are interested in the Oregon coast.

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Oregon Gets Unusual Opportunity To Impact Federal Air Quality Rules

The Trump administration is proposing to lower vehicle fuel economy standards and a loosening of power plant emissions targets.

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EPA Boasts Of Reduced Greenhouse Gases, Even As Trump Questions Climate Science

U.S. production of heat-trapping greenhouse gases fell 2.7 percent last year. But larger cuts will be needed to address climate change.

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A Rare Political Common Ground: Rooftop Solar

Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, chances are you support rooftop solar. New research suggests there’s a reason why two groups that normally disagree on environmental issues both like solar.