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A new ‘Pied Piper’ robot protects Oregon’s vineyards from pests with some good vibes

Researchers at Oregon State University have built a device that communicates with winery pests using vibrations. The treehopper spreads devastating red blotch disease through vineyards in the Pacific Northwest, but it appears the insects can’t resist the vibrational calls that are reproduced by the “Pied Piper” robot. The scientists thinks the Pied Piper will be able to reduce the need for chemical pesticides and give organic growers in the Pacific Northwest new options for pest control.

Oregon scientists are building a better bionic eye

Serious vision loss affects millions of Americans each year, and biological strategies are still decades away from restoring eyesight lost to macular degeneration. But University of Oregon researchers are looking to create an electronic solution — a bionic eye — that could restore people’s sight. They’re tapping into the world of fractal structures that will allow a retinal implant and a human brain to communicate with each other.