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The Portland Water Bureau is considering two water treatment options after the EPA ruled the city must take steps to prevent further outbreaks of cryptosporidium in its Bull Run water supply: an ultraviolet water treatment center and a traditional water filtration center.

Oregon wants quick fix to high lead levels in Portland’s water

This past November, Portlanders got an urgent reminder that the city’s lead problem has persisted. Out of 104 homes sampled by the water bureau, 10% had lead levels higher than 21 parts per billion (or ppb) — the highest results the city has seen in two decades and well above the federal limit.

This 1911 house on Sherman street in Southeast Portland is scheduled for demolition. Neighbors worry the demolition will release toxic particles from the lead-based paint in the house.

Turkey Trouble | Lead Dust | Makers And Techs

We hear about turkey poop in eastern Oregon, lead dust from home demolitions, and an effort to bring creative types and technical types together in the Oregon startup world.

A drinking fountain at Rose City Park School in Portland has been closed because elevated levels of lead were found in some schools' water. Districts around Portland are also testing their water to make sure it is safe.

Oregon Maps School Lead Levels

Oregon health officials released an interactive map Wednesday showing which schools have tested their water for lead, and which have not.