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Former Oregon corrections officer sued for alleged sexual abuse — again

Ruben Benavidez has been sued at least six times for allegations of physical assault and sexual harassment. While working as a correctional officer at the Oregon State Correctional Institution in Salem, Benavidez coerced inmates into sexual acts that he would record on his cellphone, a lawsuit filed in federal court alleges.

Court denies Oregon’s request to scrap lawsuit over prison COVID cases

A group of adults in custody who contracted COVID-19 first sued the state in April 2020, This spring a federal magistrate deemed the lawsuit a class action. Oregon appealed the class certification to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. On Thursday, a three-judge panel rejected Oregon's arguments, allowing the case to move forward.

Legacy Health fires nurse charged with sexually assaulting incarcerated women

Tony Daniel Klein, 37, faces federal charges for allegations that took place in 2016 and 2017 while he worked as a nurse for the Oregon Department of Corrections. In 2018, Legacy Health hired Klein. At the time, Oregon State Police were working on an open investigation into Klein regarding allegations of sexual assault.

A student in PSU's new "Metamorphosis" class at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility looks through a journal back in October. The 15-credit general education course was offered for the first time this year -- because of COVID-19, the class is ending differently than it started.

Program bringing college classes to women’s prison has ‘really, really grown’

In Oregon’s men’s prisons there are a few educational opportunities available. But for those incarcerated at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, there were no college classes offered until 2019. That’s when Portland State University associate professor Deb Arthur worked with the Department of Corrections to bring classes to the state’s only women’s prison.