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Rejoining a landscape: Southern Oregon coalition moves forward with I-5 wildlife crossings

The Southern Oregon Wildlife Crossing Coalition is attempting to create new structures and enhance existing ones so that animals can safely cross I-5 in the Siskiyou Summit region. The interstate bisects the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, which was designated for its diversity of wildlife, insects, and plant communities, representing a profound barrier to the many animals attempting to get from one part of their habitat to another.


A male great western sage grouse.

Rural Economy | Sage Grouse Plans | Steelhead

The federal government has announced changes to a carefully negotiated sage grouse conservation plan. Also, steelhead may face extinction because of sea lions, and the economy in rural Oregon is not picking up the way it is in urban areas.

News Roundtable Jan. 8, 2016 | Lily Tomlin

We look back at some of the big stories in the week's news; then we talk with Lily Tomlin, who's in Portland next week for a one-woman show at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.

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