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Oregon’s legume legacy amounts to more than a hill of beans

When you think of the foods of Oregon, you probably think of marionberries, craft beer and salmon. Maybe you think of tater tots and corn dogs. Unless you’re a crop scientist or an ag history nerd, you probably wouldn’t think of beans. But make no mistake: some of the best-tasting — and most expensive — heirloom bean varieties have been quietly growing in Oregon for more than a century.



Artists Repertory Theatre’s shows paused, but will ultimately go on

One of Portland’s most established and storied professional theatres, Artists Repertory Theatre, announced a series of financial setbacks this summer. But ART says they're playing the long game and will return stronger in 2024.

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‘OPB Politics Now’: A deep dive into the unusual and personal Paul Holvey recall

Recall efforts aren't unusual in Oregon politics these days, but it is odd to have a contest led by former allies. On the latest episode of "OPB Politics Now," reporters Alex Zielinski and Dirk VanderHart discuss the union-led effort to recall Rep. Paul Holvey. Plus, they address why Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell is leaving and what to make of his short-term successor.

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Portland artist Eatcho wants you to make discoveries in the details

Mehran Heard’s work is so rich with detail, it invites you in for a deep exploration. He creates elaborate paintings, illustrations, comics and colorful murals all around Portland. “You're going to have to look at that work and move around it and discover things on your own. And once you come to that personal discovery, you kind of own it personally.” Mehran’s recent piece “Mothers” is featured in the Portland Art Museum exhibition Black Artists of Oregon.