Fabi Reyna and Sumohair of Reyna Tropical
Courtesy of the artist

Indigo De Souza — “Hold U”


“Hold U” is the second single from this 24-year-old songwriter’s sophomore album “Any Shape You Take.” A distinctly low-fi intro sets the stage for what becomes a joyous jam. It’s all punctuated by simple and universally comforting lyrics. De Souza uses the song to celebrate the intrinsic value of communal love and support, which she ultimately believes can see us through dark times. “When I became friends with people who celebrate joy, I realized that I was surrounded by a lot of darkness before, but it’s okay to dance and laugh,” says the Asheville, North Carolina native. “Even though it’s all fleeting, it’s still important.”

Reyna Tropical — “Luna”

Mexican-born, Portland-based Fabi Reyna is founder and editor-in-chief of celebrated women-focused guitar publication She Shreds Magazine. But Reyna is also a talented musician, currently touring as part of Sleater-Kinney’s live band and creating her own music with the group Reyna Tropical. That project, which is a collaboration between Reyna and producer and musician Sumohair, has released a luscious new single, “Luna.” The song leans into a fun and airy Afro-Mexican sound, with Reyna’s softly radiant Spanish-language vocals melding perfectly with Caribbean rhythmic textures.

Radiohead — “If You Say The Word”

Radiohead have unveiled “If You Say The Word” as part of the upcoming “Kid Amnesiae” release, a compilation of outtakes and extras from the band’s 2000-2001 recording sessions that resulted in material for the albums “Kid A” and “Amnesiac.” This previously unreleased gem takes a more straight-forward musical approach than most of the songs that eventually appeared on those records. The result is a transcendent showcase of Thom Yorke’s vocal strength which should satisfy longtime fans and amaze the uninitiated.


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