Mmm, oysters. Did you know that these mollusks clean the ocean beds they live on?

Mmm, oysters. Did you know that these mollusks clean the ocean beds they live on?


Winter is shellfish season, and in this episode, we focus on the bounty of the sea. Once endangered, Olympia oysters are making a comeback. As habitat is being restored for these tiny, flavorful mollusks, they, in turn, are cleaning the oceans. Cynthia Nims, the author of “Oysters: A Taste of the Sea from the Pacific Coast,” fills us in.

For our second course, we reconsider fish farms, which until recently suffered from a negative reputation. Today, as organic principles are being applied to aquaculture, a course may be charted for a sustainable future. Author and culinary instructor Diane Morgan provides insight on the best practices organic fish farms are now following.

And, finally, we talk crab. As we were preparing for this episode, the news broke that associations of crab fishermen in Oregon and California had filed suit against some of the world’s biggest oil companies, claiming that climate change caused by the oil industry had devastated their way of life. Kerry Newberry, food and wine journalist, begins our discussion on this topic with the backstory on Dungeness crabbing.

Meet our panelists: Cynthia Nims is the author of nine cookbooks and has collaborated on countless more. Kerry Newberry is a food and wine journalist for publications such as Sunset, Edible Portland and Sip Northwest. And Diane Morgan is the author of 18 cookbooks.

Our host is Katherine Cole.

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