Courtesy of Short Stack Editions

Modern Farmer and Lucky Peach have shut their doors. Food & Wine has moved its offices. And Saveur recently announced a major round of layoffs. We ask the founder of Fine Cooking magazine what is going on with food publications, and how they’ll need to change to survive.

Next: Between social media stars and celebrity chefs, cookbooks have been largely image- and status-driven in recent years. Is it time for a correction? 

And finally, remember when a ‘self-published cookbook’ was nothing more than a stack of photocopied construction paper bound together by metal rings? Today, authors like Nathan Myhrvold are selling lavish cookbooks for $600 and up. How has publishing changed?

Meet our panelists: Nick Fauchald is the editorial director of Little Sous and the publisher of Short Stack Editions. Martha Holmberg is the CEO of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and the founder of Fine Cooking Magazine. Publishing veteran Christina Henry de Tessan is the vice president of editorial for Girl Friday Productions, a book production company. Our host is Katherine Cole.

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