What's all the hubbub about kombucha?

What’s all the hubbub about kombucha?

Courtesy of Jason Briscoe

Kombucha used to be a health-food craze confined to the New Age milieu, but now big-name brands like PepsiCo are selling it all over the United States. Is this fermented beverage actually good for your health? And why was one famous actor arrested for selling it?

Next, forget flavor and aroma, because in many Asian cultures, texture reigns supreme in cuisine. Learn about the elusive Taiwanese concept of “Q” as we discuss the fascinating role of “bounciness” in the eating (and drinking) experience.

And finally, we roll up our sleeves and head into the back room to talk politics. Whether it’s war-zone recipes, death-with-dignity conversations, or outrage over the idea of cultural appropriation, personal politics are front and center in today’s dining zones. We discuss a few of these hot spots … now please don’t send us hate mail!

Meet our panelists: Liz Crain is the founder of the Portland Fermentation Festival; her newest book is “Hello! My Name is Tasty.” Laura Russell is the author of the piece in Roads & Kingdoms that got us thinking about Q. Ivy Manning is the author of, most recently, “Easy Soups from Scratch with Quick Breads to Match.” Our host is Katherine Cole.

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