Anyone up for a seacuterie board?

Anyone up for a seacuterie board?

Huy Phan/pexels

We kick off the second of two ocean-themed episodes by discussing the way pescetarianism is changing menus. Sea-lami may be the latest rage, but for how long will it be possible to continue to harvest wild seafood? Entrepreneur and restaurateur Kristofor Lofgren, who has changed the way fish are farmed and caught, dives into this topic.

In our second course, Ben Jacobsen, owner of Jacobsen Salt Co., fills us in on how he hand-harvests sea salt. And, finally, Katherine leads a discussion on favorite drinks to pair with salty seafoods while we sip a delicious sparkling sake (naturally).

Meet our panelists: Ben Jacobsen is owner and founder of Jacobsen Salt Co. Kristofor Lofgren is founder and CEO of Sustainable Restaurant Group. Thank you to Jacobsen Salt Co. for hosting.

Our host is Katherine Cole.

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