In Episode 31, we examine the intersection of cooking and performance in three ways. For our first course, we speak with Christopher Kimball about his ‘Milk Street Live’ tour, which takes him city to city to cook for theater audiences.

Christopher Kimball and Matthew Card of Christopher Kimball's Milk Street

Christopher Kimball and Matthew Card of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

Courtesy of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

Next, gadget expert Matthew Card walks us through some of the new-fangled tools hitting home kitchens, and we discuss whether any of them are truly necessary.

And for our final course, what are celebrity chefs like when the cameras turn off? Food TV insider Carrie Welch spills the dirt.

Meet our panelists: Christopher Kimball, formerly of America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated, is now the driving force behind Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street. Matthew Card, Food Editor at Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street, keeps the magazine, television show, radio show, cooking school and live shows running on time. And Carrie Welch was a vice president at Food Network before cofounding FEAST Portland and Little Green Pickle, a marketing and PR firm for the food and beverage industries. Our host is Katherine Cole.

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