Sure, we use our senses of smell and taste to eat and drink. But the 21st-century food-and-beverage industry is increasingly tapping into our other senses. First, Michael Zusman, dining connoisseur and critic, gets us up to speed on how restaurant music has changed over the past few years, altering our dining experiences.

In our second course, we discuss CBD, or cannabidiol, which is increasingly showing up on restaurant menus. Liz Crain, the co-author of the cannabis book “Grow Your Own,” fills us in on what this mysterious substance is, and offers insight into what those CBD additions to your drinks and dishes are doing. 

And, finally, Drew Prindle, emerging technologies expert and accomplished gourmet, gives us his take on the new field of augmented reality, or AR, dining. Is it worth the many extra bucks?

Meet our panelists: Michael Zusman is a dining critic and author. Liz Crain is a culinary author and an expert in fermentation and cannabis. And Drew Prindle is emerging technologies editor at Digital Trends and a contributor to The Manual.

Our host is Katherine Cole.