We thought Japanese cuisine was all about umami. We thought wrong, according to Nancy Singleton Hachisu, whose new book, “Food Artisans of Japan,” introduces readers to the last custodians of truly artisanal Japanese foodways. In an eye-opening conversation, Hachisu sets our American assumptions straight.

Next, we speak with Kate Koo about making it as a female Korean-American sushi chef in a line of work that’s steeped in deeply embedded cultural traditions. And finally, Naoko Tamura enlightens us on her “Portland Prefecture” cooking philosophy and her deep sense of connection with the “nature power” of the organic, farm-raised foods she works with.

Meet our panelists: Nancy Singleton Hachisu is the author of four books on Japanese cuisine. Kate Koo is chef and owner of Zilla Sushi and Sake House in Portland. Naoko Tamura is owner of Shizuku restaurant in Portland.

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