“Bundyville: The Remnant,” is a seven-part series that explores the world beyond the Bundy family and the armed uprisings they inspired.

“Bundyville: The Remnant,” is a seven-part series that explores the world beyond the Bundy family and the armed uprisings they inspired.

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Hosted by award-winning journalist Leah Sottile, “Bundyville: The Remnant” features seven new episodes, which pick up where the first season of “Bundyville” left off.

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“Bundyville: The Remnant” explores the world beyond the Bundy family and the armed uprisings they inspired. The series scrutinizes extremist violence that has made headlines in recent years, and how those events share ideas with the anti-government movement. The series also investigates who is inspiring that violence and who stands to benefit. 

The most loyal supporters of the Bundys’ ideology live their lives amid conspiracy theories and paranoia. In this second season of “Bundyville,” Sottile asks what happens to the anti-government movement when the Bundys aren’t setting the agenda, and how the increasingly mainstream conspiracy theories of that movement are pushing people already on the fringe toward violence.

“Bundyville” is a joint effort of OPB and Longreads. It is produced by Peter Frick-Wright and Robert Carver of 30 Minutes West, and OPB’s Ryan Haas.

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Season 2, Part 1: A U.S. Bombing No One Noticed


In a remote desert town in 2016, a bombing took place on U.S. soil and almost no one noticed. What if that bombing was actually a small window into the world of extremist?

Season 2, Part 2: A Bomber Explains His Motives


Another explosion happened in the summer of 2016 near a Bureau of Land Management cabin in Arizona — and the man who pushed the detonator tells us what made him do it.

Season 2, Part 3: A Martyr For Anti-Government Violence


When Oregon police killed a man during the 2016 occupation, the anti-government movement started talking about it like an assassination. Now, that man’s death is radicalizing people.

Season 2, Part 4: A Homeland For Racists


Eastern Washington and North Idaho have been the origin point for a litany of white supremacist and violence over the past 40 years. And the anti-government movement sees this place as fertile recruitment grounds.

Season 2, Part 5: When The Anti-Government Movement Is The Government


The violence perpetrated by the anti-government movement has long been fringe and rare. But more politicians are starting to adopt their extremist language and ideas.

Season 2, Part 6: The Religious Veil Of A Racist Movement


A secretive religious community in eastern Washington has a dark past and is preparing for a Christian holy war in the apocalyptic future. One exile takes us inside to see what’s really at the heart of anti-government extremism.

Season 2, Part 7: The Truth In The Shadows


New evidence in the 2016 bombing that started this series reveals a new extreme for extremist violence in America – and how this world of radical beliefs is more common than most people think.

 Season 1, Part 1: The Bundys’ Fight Against The Federal Government Has Only Just Begun 


Many people first heard of Cliven Bundy and his family in 2014, when armed militias showed up at his ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada. But that action was only part of a growing anti-government movement.

Season 1, Part 2: Nuclear Weapons, Waco And The Radicalization Of Cliven Bundy 


Many people know the story of the Bundy-led standoffs in 2014 and 2016 against the federal government. But most people do not know where the Bundys first developed their anti-government ideology.

Season 1, Part 3: The Book Behind The Bundys’ Fringe Religious Beliefs 


A part of what drives the Bundys to take actions against the government is rarely touched on in press coverage of them: their fringe religious beliefs.

Season 1, Part 4: The Place Where The Bundys’ Movement All Began 


It’s time to go back to where this all started, to return to the scene of the crimes — or not-crimes, as it turned out. We’re on our way to Bundy Ranch.

Season 1, Part 5: How Cliven Bundy Found A Following 


In many ways, the Bundy story in Nevada actually begins in Arizona — in a ghost town that was once called Bundyville.

Season 1, Part 6: The Consequences Of The Bundys’ Fights With Federal Government 


The Bundys want to talk about land rights and constitutional law, but the fights they pick have real, tragic consequences.

Season 1, Part 7: To Grow Their Movement, Bundys Pledge To Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ 


Since the Bundys beat the federal government in court, they have been searching for new ways to get their message out and expand their following.